Open Door Cellars

Dear Valued Customer,
When we started Open Door Cellars, we made a commitment to bring to market exceptional wine, in an exceptional package, at an exceptionally affordable price. We are proud of this achievement, and credit our successful first year in business to wine lovers, retailers, and restaurants who have embraced Open Door Cellars…including YOU!
We appreciate your support, which is why we want you to be the first to hear our company’s important news: Last week, we discovered that a flaw in our production process is beginning to cause oxidation in some Open Door Cellars wine. Because any change in taste is unacceptable to us, we immediately decided to remove Open Door Cellars from distribution, perfect our production process, and resume business as quickly as possible with new boxes of Open Door Cellars wine.
We ask for your patience during the time that Open Door Cellars is temporarily unavailable for sale, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Of course, previously purchased boxes of Open Door Cellars can be returned for a full refund to your local retailer.
Again, thank you for your continued support of Open Door Cellars. We are as committed as ever to bringing you the high quality you’ve come to expect from Open Door Cellars.
Michael Fishman, Wine Lover and Founder,
and the entire Open Door Cellars team